Nikko Canyoning
Standard Course

Beginner-friendly adventure, a course where you descend through various large and small waterfalls, incorporating playful elements like jumps and slides. Easy access with just a 10-minute walk both entering and exiting the canyon. Take a brave step and try canyoning. As you leisurely walk while listening to the chirping of wild birds, you step into the extraordinary, meeting a new side of yourself with each step you dare to take.

We meet a little later, at 10:30 a.m., so you don’t have to leave early in the morning.
On this holiday, let’s meet in the morning at a leisurely pace!

*We may guide you to another course depending on the course conditions.

100% pure natural water

We offer tours in a very special field where crystal clear water flows endlessly. Enjoy the 100% natural clear water!

Fun times spent with friends

We fully support you in having a great time with friends, lovers, or family! Dive in together, share laughs, and enjoy the best holiday ever!

All guided by a representative guide

All tours are guided directly by a representative, so there is no reduction in safety or quality.

Pool Side ViewPool Side View
00:38 22 May 24
Fantastic adventure! The canyon was beautiful and Jumbo was the perfect guide. He spoke great English and took care of all the preparations to make the whole experience safe and exhilarating. He also took pictures and videos through out the whole trip. Absolutely make this part of your Nikko itinerary. I couldn’t recommend it enough.
val cheongval cheong
15:31 16 Nov 23
My husband and I took a canyoning tour in June 2023 and we loved it!!!Jumbo San made sure we had all the right gears and guided us really well. He also kept helping us to take photos and videos, even wiping the lens to ensure there were no water droplets.The water was really very fresh and the wetsuit provided kept us sufficiently warm.Read online that other tour places will cancel if the minimum number of pax was not met. Glad that Jumbo went ahead although it was just the two of us.We really had a good time and was the highlight of our trip!100% recommend!!
Tk ChengTk Cheng
12:39 21 Oct 23
I am a virgin at canyoning but Jumbo San was super gentle with me.He started by telling us that the hardest part of canyoning was wearing the suit. He was rightThen we took a short and fun walk up the canyon. Climbed small rocks and streams. Dipped into the nice cool waters.The spring waters taste super fresh.Then came the sliding. Wow, it was super fun. Much much more fun than. Theme park.Jumbo San was very detailed in our safety briefing and was very caring all the way.It might look bumpy and all but the thick padding from the wet suit kept me safe.My best time spent this trip!
11:59 25 Sep 23
It was really interesting and exciting.The guide was thorough and gave explanations that were easy to understand, so I had a lot of fun.
02:49 20 Sep 23
Amazing canyoning tour with Jumbo! He speaks very good English too which is a bonus since we don’t speak good Japanese. Only 5 minute drive from train station.
12:01 11 Aug 23
The nature of Nikko is wonderful! I really enjoyed playing while feeling the momentum and power of the water flow! The children were alive. I was desperate. It was great fun. The two guides were very nice people. Safety considerations and preparations were thorough. I would like to participate again and recommend it to everyone.
Goro TabuchiGoro Tabuchi
09:29 07 Aug 23
The instructor will also guide you politely and happily! The equipment was neat and canyoning was safe!Accidents on the river are irreversible, so we recommend that you have a guide!
Valérie T-A-DValérie T-A-D
03:49 06 Aug 23
No injuries, all fun! The guides are skilled and the experience was well organized. We loved it!
19:59 05 Aug 23
10 times more fun than you can imagine! ! It's so fun that you should participate if you're lost. However, my muscles are sore (laughs).It seems that you need to close your eyes and mouth and hold your breath just before you fall into the water on the slider. If I didn't do it at first, my contacts would come off.But it was so much fun that I forgot the time and had fun!The guide's personality is good, and I got a lot of photos, which made it a good memory!
Linda NguyenLinda Nguyen
14:23 30 Jul 23
One of the best experiences I had in Japan! We chose the 3 hour beginner half day course and had a blast going down all of the waterfalls! Our instructor used to work in New Zealand and spoke English which was super helpful as we only had a few japanese speakers in our group. Highly recommend going here while in Nikko!
Saphira KempaSaphira Kempa
08:54 22 Jul 23
Awesome Guide really safe - perfect activity in Nikko 1000% recommended. Arigatōgozaimasu Jumbo you and Tako did really good Job ❤️❤️❤️
Seeing is believingSeeing is believing
08:19 16 Jul 23
A wonderful guide who is polite and reassuring! ! ! ! ! At Urami Falls, the sun shines and you can see a wonderful view!The last is more thrilling ☺️!It was my second time canyoning, but last time I was relaxed on a remote island, and this time I had a lot more fun playing with the river and water!
12:21 22 May 23
It was a very fun and thrilling valley (*^^*) The guide Jumbo was also a very fun person and was very polite one by one.
David DecroixDavid Decroix
10:30 20 May 23
I came across it hard because I was staying next door.Jumbo is very friendly and professional.The equipment is top, which is necessary given the temperature of the water….Jumbo adapts to you, your level, your fears… in complete safety
13:36 07 Aug 22
It was a lot of fun!!My husband and I experienced it at the beginning of August. Unfortunately, the weather was rainy and the temperature was low, but the other people who made the reservation were all together, and we started with 6 people who were experiencing canyoning for the first time and our guide, Mr. Jumbo. When I entered the river, I felt that the water current was stronger than I imagined, but the course started with a simple dive, and I progressed while getting used to my body and mind. Or slide through unbelievably strong currents.Each time, I was able to do it to the end by explaining my posture and points to note in an easy-to-understand manner. We had a wonderful experience!thank you!
Eiji 16Eiji 16
11:54 02 Aug 21
Sorry for being late today😭Thank you for your prompt response nonetheless.Canyoning that I was more worried about than before!It was the best! ️When you go mountain stream fishing, and if you fall here and get swept away, do you feel like you're at the end of the cycle? do i have to slide down? That thrill...It's the best!! ️And Jumbo's indescribable sense of security!I will make an opportunity to participate again.If everyone participates, let's protect the time 🙇‍♂️
M K (micchikado)M K (micchikado)
11:52 05 Jul 21
4th time canyoningI have experienced it in different places, but the canyoning in Nikko was very exciting because there was a pretty intense slider!!!Jumbo's guide was also very funThe weather was rainy so I was worried if I would enjoy it, but with the fun guide and the beauty of nature, I didn't even realize it was raining.thank you
Hiroya SatoHiroya Sato
13:38 03 Jul 21
River trekking tour Nikko Jumbo guided by Jumbo.The guide was kind and polite, and although I participated for the first time, I enjoyed it many times more than I imagined!We went as a couple, but it is highly recommended for those who like playing in the water and exercising! !I am very satisfied because I can feel the powerful water flow and majestic nature with my body than I thought! !
05:46 15 Aug 20
Our guide, Mr. Jumbo, was a really nice person, and we were able to enjoy the great outdoors safely and happily! !One of the members didn't have confidence in swimming, but he was very supportive, and when the canyoning started, he seemed to be enjoying himself from beginning to end! !I was able to feel the best of summer! Next time, I would like to experience a one-day course! !
00:44 17 Aug 19
One of the leading canyoning spots in Nikko. Our guide, Mr. Jumbo, is friendly and kind to us. It's a small number of people, so it's a homey atmosphere. During the tour, you can enjoy canyoning with peace of mind as you will receive detailed care such as lectures on how to walk, hand signs, and hearings about your health condition. Apparently there is also a one-day course, but this time I went on a half-day three-hour tour, diving near the basin of a waterfall and enjoying a natural waterslide. Full of local fun such as drinking natural spring water on the way!

Meeting time/Meeting place

Meeting time10:30
AgesJunior high school students and older
Time requiredapprox. 3.5 hours *This time may vary depending on the number of participants.
Meeting placeNikko Jumbo Base, Nikko-City, Tochigi.
Minimum number of participantsMinimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 7
LanguageEnglish Guide Available

Tour Fees

9,500 yen per participant (tax included)

Payment :Cash or Paypay, a QR code payment system.  Credit cards are not accepted.

What to bring (not included in the tour fee)

・Swimsuit: Since a wetsuit must be worn, it is recommended for men to wear fitted inner pants or training swimsuits underneath the swimsuit.
・Insurance card *Please bring it with you in case of emergency.
・Bath towel

If you have glasses, we can make a band for you (if not, we can make one with a simple string).
Please bring replacement contacts if you are concerned about the possibility of them coming off during the tour.

Please do not hesitate to bring it with you if you need to take medication on a regular basis for a chronic illness, if you need to take insulin, or if you need to aspirate if you develop asthma, etc. We will carry them in a waterproof case during the tour.

Included in the tour fee

・Guide Fee
・Equipment rental

Meeting place

Nikko Jumbo 1790-1 Kujira-cho, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1436Free parking lot

Tour Conditions of Participation

Healthy people of junior high school age and older
If you have any concerns about participation in the tour due to a chronic illness or injury, please consult with us in advance.
Pregnant women, persons under the influence of alcohol, and persons under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to participate in the tour.
*Minors must have a parent or guardian’s signature on the tour application form.
(If a parent or guardian will not be accompanying the student on the day, please contact the school in advance.)


Please do not hesitate to bring this with you if you need to take medication regularly for a chronic illness, if you need to take insulin, or if you need to aspirate if you develop asthma, etc.

We will carry them in a waterproof case during the tour.

Tour Cancellation Criteria

The tour will be held rain or shine. The tour will be cancelled when the water level in the canyon exceeds or is expected to exceed the specified water level, or when the trip leader deems it unsafe to do so. Every effort will be made to cancel the tour by 7:00 p.m. on the day before the reserved tour date. Please note that in the event of sudden inclement weather or unforeseen weather changes such as guerrilla downpours, the tour may be cancelled even if it is still in progress.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the customer (including reduction in the number of persons).
We may charge the full amount even if you miss the tour due to traffic jams, etc.
7 to
2 days prior to the tour → 30%.
The day before→50
Same day→100%
cancellation fee will be charged if the tour is cancelled
notifications received after business hours ( 8:00 -19 :00 ) will be processed on the next business day.


Because this is a sport that takes place in nature, we cannot be 100% responsible for the safety of the participants.

Although we have taken all possible measures, including our guides and staff, we ask that you be aware of the risks involved before participating in the tour.

(*In the event of an accident during the tour, you will be covered by the insurance you have purchased. However, this insurance does not cover all medical expenses.)

Please note that if you are in poor health on the day of the tour (including if you have been drinking alcohol), or if you interfere with the tour operation (conduct that may inconvenience other passengers), you may be denied participation in the tour at the discretion of the trip leader , who will be responsible for ensuring your safety during the tour.